February Construction Update

It’s always a bittersweet time to be wrapping up construction on a project and by the end of 2024 construction will be complete at Botania!

Already in the second month of the year for 2024, we have already achieved titles for stage 6 at Botania and settlements for this stage are underway. No doubt, we’ll soon begin to see houses popping up within this stage as well.

To all our Stage 7 purchasers, you are not far behind!
The finishing touches for the electrical communications phase are underway including the pending arrival of a substation which, once installed, will wrap up this phase of construction. Construction works will then move into the final phase of construction, Footpaths & Asphalt, which includes sealing the road, completing the footpaths, and laying the grass seeds for the nature strips.

Once complete, your stage will be ready to undergo the first round of checks to achieve Practical Completion (PC).

Construction in Stage 8 is up to the electrical and communications phase as well. The construction team are laying the essential electrical and communications pipelines to connect the services to each house lot. Trenches are dug parallel to the road network in the future nature strip reserves for all the varying pipes to be laid for the electrical, phone and internet supply.

In exciting news, construction will start on the Stage 7 park in early Quarter 2 this year!
Promising to be an impressive showstopper for the community, the future Stage 7 park, will be an impressive green space for all to enjoy. Encompassing a whopping 1.25 hectares, the park will include extensive open space to run around in, play soccer with the permanent goal posts, or set up a game of cricket. The large space will also be a pleasant space for picnicking and relaxing if that is more your vibe.

Excitingly, the park will also include a basketball half court, extensive play equipment and climbing structures to keep the older kids entertained. Plus, BBQ facilities, picnic seating under covered structures and a drinking fountain with a connected dog bowl to keep your pooch hydrated too!

See below artist impressions of what the Stage 7 Park, Pine Cone Park will look like.

Stay tuned for more construction updates coming soon!

For the most recent construction updates or to see a break down of your stage, head to the Construction Portal.

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Nurturing Your Nature strip!

Your nature strip often referred to as the “verge”, is the roadside stretch between your property and the curb along the road. This public space hosts an array of utilities, including telecommunications, gas, water, and power services, as well as street lighting. Typically adorned with grass and a tree, it serves several vital functions:

  1. Providing a level area for waste and recycling bins.
  2. Ensuring safe access for pedestrians, strollers, and wheelchairs between the road and footpath.
  3. Enhancing visibility for motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians, particularly at intersections, curves, and driveways.
  4. Facilitating easy access for service providers to conduct maintenance or repairs.
  5. Creating space for tree planting, enriching the neighborhood’s greenery.

Although the nature strips throughout the Botania community are owned by the Melton City Council, the duty of maintaining and caring for them falls upon the landowners whose properties run parallel to each section of the nature strip.

Essential maintenance and routine upkeep of your nature strip plays a pivotal role in elevating the overall ambiance of our community. Maintenance involves straightforward tasks such as regular mowing, weeding, and picking up litter. By keeping this space clean and tidy, you contribute to creating a welcoming environment within our community for all.

Advantages of a well-kept nature strip beyond its visual appeal include the following benefits:

  1. Facilitates rainwater absorption, reducing stormwater runoff.
  2. Enhances the aesthetics of the neighborhood.
  3. Mitigates the impact of hard surfaces like roads and pavements.
  4. Elevates the value and overall well-being of your property.

Street Trees are another common feature of most nature strips. Street trees add to the natural beauty of our community and offer practical benefits, including providing shade, contributing to CO2 absorption in the environment, and cooling down the neighborhood.

You can contribute to the care of your street tree by:

  • Regularly watering it, especially during dry spells.
  • Keeping the base free of weeds and mulching around it, while being mindful to avoid direct contact with the tree trunks.

Remember, the street tree is the property of Melton City Council and cannot be removed without prior approval. You are responsible for its care and may be held accountable for any damage within your boundary.

While most nature strips consist of grass and a street tree, you have some creative freedom to beautify your patch. Transforming your nature strip into an enchanting corner can be a fulfilling project. Consider options such as gravel, mulch, and approved plants to add a unique touch.
Although, care must be taken to ensure that your design maintains the essential functionalities mentioned above.

Landscape Permit Application
If you decide to enhance your nature strip with additional landscaping, securing a permit is essential. You can complete an application form by clicking the link here.

For more information, you can speak with Customer Service at Melton City Council on  9747 7200.

Our Botania Sales team is always ready to assist you! If you have any inquiries about the topics mentioned above, please feel free to reach out via the following methods:

Phone: 1300 888 182
Email: info@botania.com.au

New Secondary School & Specialist School Coming Soon!

In an era where quality education and vibrant communities are highly sought after, the news of two new schools opening in the neighbouring suburb of Aintree is sure to send ripples of excitement throughout the Botania community. Aintree Secondary School and Aintree Specialist School, both currently known by their interim names, are poised to bring a wave of opportunities, growth, and enhanced living experiences for residents of the thriving Botania community in Fraser Rise.

For families residing in the Botania community, the opening of Aintree Secondary School and the neighbouring Specialist School, bring a convenient solution to their educational needs. With the new schools located less than a 5-minute drive from the Botania community, parents and students will enjoy the benefits of reduced commuting times and improved accessibility to quality education. This proximity not only saves valuable time but will also strengthen the sense of community as local families come together in a shared educational space.

Both Aintree Secondary School and Aintree Specialist School are expected to uphold a tradition of educational excellence, equipping students with the skills and knowledge they need to thrive in an increasingly competitive world. With a dedicated and passionate team of educators, the schools aim to provide a comprehensive curriculum that emphasizes holistic development, critical thinking, and problem-solving abilities. Purchasers in the Botania community can be assured that their children will have access to top-notch educational facilities and resources, fostering a love for learning and setting them up for future success.

Purchasers in the Botania community can look forward to their children having access to state-of-the-art sporting facilities, playgrounds, and open spaces that promote an active and healthy lifestyle. These facilities can serve as catalysts for physical fitness, social interaction, and the development of lifelong hobbies.

The two schools will also serve as a hub for community events, workshops, and educational programs, encouraging residents to come together, exchange ideas, and support one another. This increased community involvement can lead to a stronger social fabric, improved neighbourhood cohesion, and a higher quality of life for all Botania residents.

Construction of both schools is currently underway and anticipated for completion late 2023. The new schools will be completed in time for opening for Term 1, 2024.

The opening of both Aintree Secondary School and Aintree Specialist School alongside the Botania community marks an exciting new chapter in the neighbourhood’s growth and development. Purchasers in the Botania community will benefit from the excellent education opportunities, enhanced local investment and improved desirability of the locale and consequent positive effect on neighbouring property values, as well as enhanced community engagement, and access to recreational facilities that these new schools will bring making the Botania community an attractive choice for families and future buyers.

Aintree Secondary School and the neighbouring Aintree Specialist School are set to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of Botania, empowering its residents, and fostering a vibrant and prosperous community.

You can find information about enrollments or receive construction updates by visiting the links below
Aintree Secondary School
Aintree Specialist School

To Build & Sell or Build & Rent? That is the question.

Botania in Fraser Rise is a fantastic location for property investment because of its prime location and wealth of amenities on its doorstep.

Close to schools, shopping, and transport corridors, Botania is connected to everything a family wants and needs.

The biggest question to ask yourself when buying your first investment property is whether to build and sell or build and rent the property out. Check out our news post below where we compare the pros and cons of both options.

The Benefits of Build & Sell

Make your money back more quickly

If you are a seasoned investor, or want an opportunity to build wealth more quickly, than this is the option for you!

This allows you to take your newly earned capital and reinvest in another place sooner or utilise any profits you make for a holiday, life event, car or paying off your own home loan.

No long-term maintenance

The Build & Sell option allows you to reap what you have sowed sooner. You also do not need to go through the effort of finding a real estate agent to list the property with or allow for any funds for ongoing maintenance, as these become the responsibility of the new owner.

The Cons of Build & Sell

Higher initial outlay
If you plan to build and sell the house once construction on your investment property is complete, than you also need to allow some funds to do this with which can be hard to come by after settling and all construction costs are added up. We recommend factoring these costs in when you are initially looking for your block of land and deciding which home to build.

Market Dependant

Building and selling is a great option to consider if the market is up and your guaranteed to get a great deal for the cash injection you have made into the investment property. However, when selling a property for profit, the timing this property is listed in the market can make all of the difference. Nobody wants to list a property that hangs around unsold for months on end that will continue to rack up costly agent fees.

If the market is slower moving, hanging on to the property and renting it out could be the way to go.

Capital Gains Tax

Capital Gains Tax (CGT) is the tax you pay on profits from selling assets, such as property.

By buying land and building a home you are adding value so it is likely you will have a capital gain when you sell the property. If you do have a capital gain, it will increase the tax you need to pay. You may want to work out how much tax you will owe and set aside funds to cover it.

The Benefits of Build & Rent

Make more money over time

If you want an investment property that you can sit and hold on to, allowing you to grow your wealth over time, then this is the option for you.

Properties that are rented out are not affected by the swings and dips of the property market. This means you do not need to worry about selling your property at the “right time”, in a great area, your property will always make a great rental return.

What is rentvesting?
Rentvesting is when people live where they want to live and purchase where they can afford. The rental income they earn helps them to pay down their mortgage on the investment property, allowing them to become a homeowner without having to change their lifestyle.

Tax Benefits of Investment Property

Everybody loves receiving a great tax return and this is one way to go about bumping it up.

Owning a rental property allows you to claim a higher depreciation on the home compared to owner-occupier homes.

All home maintenance work, repairs, and renovations you also undertake on the property will also be a tax deduction.

The Cons of Renting

Home Maintenance
All homes require a level of annual upkeep and that goes without saying for rental properties as well. Rental home maintenance and repairs are legislated in Australia meaning, there are works that are mandatory to be carried out on a regular basis. These include such works as fire alarm checks and gutter cleaning. These do benefit you, as the homeowner, to protect your home but it can feel odd paying for something that doesn’t serve you directly.

Being a landlord
This alone is enough to turn some people off from buying an investment property to rent. It can be a daunting concept letting unknown people live in a home that you have worked hard for. Thorough insurance cover is a must here to ensure that you’re fully protected in the unlikely event it is ever required. All insurances are of course also a tax deduction.
If it is an admin or time barrier for you, Real Estate agents act as a great middle person to do a lot of the leg work of listing the property and liaising with tenants for you and once that trust is built, can even inspect the property once tenanted for you on your behalf.

We hope you have found the above information useful of things to consider when buying an investment process.

If you are interested in purchasing an investment property and would like to chat to a member of our friendly sales team, please feel free to reach out on either of the following methods:

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How to finance buying land and building a house

Purchasing property can seem like a scary prospect at the moment with higher interest rates and elevated building costs the talk of the town. Luckily, we are here to ease the burden and let you know you’re not facing these challenges alone.

In a dynamic housing market, you may find yourself asking what you can do to ensure you are finance secure and ready for the big purchase.

Here are some tips on what buyers should consider when financing a new home.

 Know the market. 

By now, we’re all very familiar with the Reserve Bank meeting on the first Tuesday of every month to decide if there will be another increase to the official cash rate.

Bank interest rates are determined by the Reserve Bank and are set as a means to control inflation, which the Reserve Bank likes to sit around 2-3%. The current climate of high inflation has led to the Reserve Bank continuously increasing the cash rate over the past year to curb consumer spending.

With the current marker of inflation at 7% (May 2023), the RBA board has stated future increases remain likely as it is expected to take some time before inflation falls back within its preferred range.

Higher interest rates impact purchasing property in a few ways, with the biggest impact to purchasers being an impact on their borrowing capacity, decreasing their overall budget and purchasing power.

What is stress testing?
When seeking preapproval from a bank for a mortgage, the bank will simulate different scenarios to ensure the borrower is able to continue to make their mortgage payments in case there is financial turmoil, the interest rates go up, or any other event that befalls the borrower that could potentially decrease their purchasing power. Stress testing is commonplace, but as interest rates rise, the stress testing becomes more severe leaving many with the inability to secure a loan at all.

At times, some banks will lend up to 95% and sometimes even 100% against the security of another residential property. At periods of high inflation, borrowers are unlikely to pass stress tests with only a steady job and little capital behind them.

The Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) has also recently tightened lending rules, reducing the maximum amount Australians can borrow from the bank to buy a property.

How to negotiate a lower interest rate?

Negotiating a lower interest rate is less about your skill in the art of persuasion and more a reflection of diligent saving and healthy financial habits.

A bank will look more favourably upon you the fewer commitments you have. This involves consolidating debt by looking at your subscription services, reducing the number of credit cards and Buy Now, Pay Later schemes.

To the bank, the less money you can live on monthly to support yourself, the more money you’ll have to surpass stress tests.

Banks will review a minimum of 3 months of living expenses to ensure you can comfortably meet your mortgage payment, so, start practicing those healthy habits now.

A common oversight of many firs time home buyers is the effect a constant income and residence can have on borrowing capacity. Recent Australian data confirmed that the labour market remains very tight, with the unemployment rate at a near 50-year low. From the outlook, this can appear like a savvy time to change jobs, however regular or a recent change of employment as well as a residence may be considered unstable from a lender’s perspective and can negatively impact your eligibility for a home loan – even if your new job was offering more money!

The actual costs of buying a house

If you are a first-time buyer, knowing the full cost of buying is essential to avoid any nasty surprises. It’s more than saving a 20% deposit which is the common catch phrase. Beyond the down payment on the land and the build, there are extra expenses to consider when buying a home, including stamp duty, conveyancing fees and council rates. 

It is important to take these associated costs into consideration to help ensure you have a more accurate understanding of your purchasing power and you are searching for suitable house and land packages.

What does a mortgage broker do?

Using a mortgage broker can be a great asset to the home-buying process, providing insight into the different types of loans available and their features.

When purchasing house and land, lenders will typically offer Variable Rates during the land purchase and construction phase, allowing you to Fix the Rate upon construction completion.

> Variable Rates offer flexibility regarding repayments and allow fee-free access to additional loan repayments. However, the applicable rate is exposed to the market rate and Reserve Bank, potentially leading to increased repayments you may not have budgeted for or have any control over. On the other hand, in a reducing rate market, your mortgage payment can decrease. 

> Fixed Rates guarantee peace-of-mind with a fixed mortgage payment for the agreed term period. Although, there are restrictions on additional repayments that can be made, access to additional repayments is usually not allowed and may not be eligible for a home loan with an offset account.

Enlisting the help of a mortgage broker will run you through the pros and cons with either option, helping you to consider all the features and benefits to make an informed decision.

We have teamed up with a highly experienced mortgage broker – Bill Jara, a Senior Lending Manager at Loan Studio who specialises in residential mortgages. He can assist you and answer your questions about how construction loans work and how you can finance your new home.

Call Bill on: 0466 896 029 or email: bill@loanstudio.com.au.

Want to chat to a member of our team? Our friendly sales team are always happy to help answer any queries you may have.
If you wish to speak to our sales team, please feel free to reach out on either of the following methods:

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Refer your friends and family to Botania and be rewarded!

With the final land release in our flourishing community now selling, time is running out to secure your place in Botania.

And there’s no time like the present! 

Be referred by a friend or family member who has already purchased within the Botania community and you will earn them $3,000!

Whether you’re a first home buyer looking to enter the market or a growing family looking to settle down, you’re sure to find the perfect lot or house & land package to suit your lifestyle. 

Just 5 minutes from Caroline Springs and 25kms from Melbourne’s CBD, Botania brings quality education, transport corridors and new amenity to your doorstep. 

Choose your perfect lot and create your dream home alongside some of Australia’s leading builders in a safe and welcoming community. Embrace an active, outdoor-oriented lifestyle where bike trails, walking paths, sporting reserves and natural open spaces are all within arm’s reach. 

Secure premium real estate in Fraser Rise and start your next chapter at Botania.

To claim this offer, please contact our friendly sales team on 1300 888 182 or via email at info@botania.com.au

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Maintaining your Property

Growland encourages the regular maintenance of all properties within the community to improve the visual amenity of our Botania community in Fraser Rise. Overgrown and neglected vacant lots are not only unsightly but can also attract pests like rats or snakes. As well as looking after the community we live in, maintenance of all properties reduces fire and health hazards and helps to ensure public safety.

Unfortunately, the dumping of rubbish and building materials is common in new communities under construction. Growland is aware of these instances throughout the Botania community and does what it can to mitigate this illegal activity by installing signage and security cameras throughout the estate.

As the owner of your very own piece of the Botania community, you can help prevent this unwanted behaviour by securing and maintaining your lot.

Please organise temporary fencing for your lot to prevent the dumping of rubbish as soon as possible upon settlement. It is a costly exercise, for you as the homeowner, if clearing is needed prior to the construction of your home.

Even if you are not planning on constructing your new home in the Botania community straight away, it is still important to secure your property.

It is also your responsibility to maintain the vacant land to an appropriate standard. Vacant land is to be kept clear of any fire hazard, noxious weeds, box thorn plants, litter and rubbish, which could include concrete, dirt mounds, rocks and rubble.

Overgrown grass can be a fire hazard and must be maintained to a height of no more than 150mm all year round. Regular mowing or slashing is recommended.

We encourage vacant landowners to inspect your property regularly to ensure that these outcomes are achieved.

Melton City do undertake their own regular surveillance of new communities and will issue notices to any property that is deemed to not comply. You may also be issued an infringement notice if works are undertaken on your property on your behalf.

We thank you for your committment to the above as it will help make Botania a safer and more beautiful community for all to enjoy.

If you do see anyone illegally dumping within the Botania community or any properties that are unkempt or pose a risk to public safety, please report the activity to Melton City Council Local Laws on (03) 9747 7200.  

Constructing your shared fence

Separating two pieces of land, a dividing or boundary fence is the joint property between the landowner and neighbour. The cost of building and repairing is shared equally between neighbours.

If you are ready to construct your boundary fencing, you will need to get in contact with your neighbours (left, right and rear) before construction begins. Both neighbours who share the common boundary will need to agree to the costs to construct the new fence before any work is commenced.

To find out the contact details of your neighbours,  so you can begin discussions surrounding boundary fencing, please get in contact with the Melton council by following the directions at the link provided here.

Constructing a shared fence follows this general process:

1. Contact you local council (Melton – see link above) for your neighbours contact details

2. Obtain 3 quotes from separate contractors

3. Speak to your neighbour about the obtained quotes and allow your neighbour to source 3 of their own

If your neighbouring block is unsold and is still listed as the property of Growland, we recommend following these steps:

– Obtain 3 separate quotes

– Choose the best of 3

– Keep all 3 original quotes to present to your new neighbour when they eventually move in

– Present 3 quotes and their share of the invoice from your chosen contractor to your neighbour 

If you have any questions about the type of fencing or restrictions on the type of fencing allowed within the Botania community, please refer to the Design Guidelines here.

Please note: Growland is unable to provide any contact details to purchasers of adjoining lot owners.

If you would like more information on fencing law in Victoria, you can find that here.

End of Year Construction Wrap Up

The end of the year is fast approaching, and it has been a busy one at Botania.

Below we recap what milestones we have achieved throughout the year and provide an update on the construction progress of your stages. 

We cannot believe we are currently selling our final stage with only a few final lots remaining. If you know someone who would like to join the Botania community, tell them to get in quick! You can view our final remaining lots here all with a bonus $5,000 Landscaping Incentive included. 

2022 started on a high for Botania with the opening of its first local park, Friendship Place Park. The park has been a welcome addition to the community and a much-loved feature as soon as council gave us the go ahead and the temporary fencing came down. The bright green custom-built tower with two slides and is over 7m high, making it visible around the community, and definitely adds to the excitement as you pull up for a play on the equipment, a kick on the open grassed area, or for a BBQ with friends and family.  

Construction work continued around the community and the most memorable was definitely the humongous and seriously coordinated construction effort of the culvert. Within the Botania community, all residents will have access to a picturesque waterway reserve connected to Kororoit Creek. This waterway, running through the centre of the community, inadvertently separates the Botania community into two portions.  The culvert, or bridge, will reconnect the halves as it allows water in the waterway to flow underneath, whilst traffic and residents pass over on top. If you missed the culvert update earlier in the year, you can find it here alongside some drone footage of the construction process.  

Botania also welcomed its first builder to its Display Village this year with two brand new display homes by award-winning, premier builder, Mimosa Homes. The Botania Display Village will feature 12 homes by 6 builders, with more homes opening next year.  If you’d like to find out more information about the two Mimosa display homes, you can visit Saturday to Wednesday or take a sneak peak at the homes here

Read on below for a stage-by-stage progress report on the works occurring in your community.

Stages 4 & 5

Stages 4 & 5 will be the next stages within the Botania community to welcome new residents who can begin settling and construction of their own homes in the new year.

Currently in the final stages of construction with Kerb and Asphalt works continuing, the layers of the road network are now in place and the construction team have plenty of concrete to lay as the kerbs and channel (or gutter system) are added at the correct road levels and then finally asphalt, which can be seen on the finished surface. Once complete the construction team will install Electrical & Telecommunications for ease of access for authorities to manage these services in the future.

Stage 4 Kerb and Asphalt works

Construction is forecast to be completed late Quarter 1 before Practical Completion is awarded and Statement of Compliance testing and approvals can be issued from the authorities. To all future Stage 4 & 5 residents, we will keep you updated on this process and what is required from you as we get closer to titles in the new year.

Stage 5 Kerb and Asphalt works

Stages 6 & 7

Sewer works have recently been completed in Stage 6 and drainage works have commenced. The drainage works will involve the construction of all stormwater pipes and pits throughout the stage that will allow the safe draining of all stormwater away from all house lots preventing flooding. The road network has now been outlined throughout both stages and the construction team will continue to prepare the ground and start to construct the lower layers of the road pavement. Sewer works are currently underway  in Stage 7.

Stage 8 is our final stage at Botania and bitter sweetly is also now underway.

Council and the authorities have accepted all plans including engineering design to allow physical works to commence on site. That means our construction crew have been given the green light to head to site and begin preliminary works on Botania’s final stage.

These works include organising the construction crew and setting up the building site with all the correct health and safety measures in place.

Civil construction can then kick off with the next round of tasks including setting up temporary fencing and performing a general clean-up of the site before civil earthworks begin. This also involves the demolition of the existing house that remained from the previous owners.

Stage 8 Preliminary Works

The above preliminary works are well underway, and our team are looking forward to commencing earthworks in stage 8 shortly.

Botania is geared for another big year in 2023 with 4 stages due to title. We are looking forward to focusing on the delivery of these stages throughout the year and welcoming many new residents to the Botania community. 

The Botania Construction Team will be taking a well-earned break over the holiday season and will be back on-site continuing work on your community mid-January. 

Stay tuned for more updates in the new year!

 To keep up-to-date with the very latest construction and community news, be sure to like us on Facebookfollow us on Instagram and look out for the monthly construction portal update post that will allow you to monitor your stages’ construction progression.

Join the Botania community with only a 5%* deposit!

Here at Botania all you need to secure your lot is an initial deposit of $1,000! This secures your land whilst you review your contract with your conveyancer.  The balance of the 5%* deposit is required within 7 days upon signing your land contract.

Take your first steps towards a beautiful life in Fraser Rise with a variety of land sizes and house and land packages available to suit all stages of life and budgets.

Now selling our final stage including a $5K Landscaping Rebate, this is the time to get in quick to start your next chapter at Botania.

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Discover the exciting community of Botania in Fraser Rise, conveniently situated 5 minutes from Caroline Springs. Botania is your opportunity to join an established community surrounded by quality education, natural open spaces and new amenity.

Start your next chapter at Botania.

Want to know more about how you can join the Botania community?

Our friendly sales team are happy to help answer any queries you may have.
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*Not available for FIRB purchasers