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Culvert Construction Update

The Botania community in Fraser Rise is the perfect blend of serenity and urban convenience. Its prime location boasts convenience to established amenity and proximity to natural open spaces surrounding the community.

Within the community, lucky residents have access to two local neighbourhood parks and the picturesque waterway reserve connected to Kororoit Creek. This waterway running through the centre of the community will become an attractive and unique feature of the Botania community.

Surrounded by a reserve complete with cycling and walking shared paths for all to enjoy, this area will be a celebrated space connecting residents to the natural environment.

The community’s two portions will be connected via a culvert that allows water in the waterway to flow through and creates a base for the road network to cross over the waterway.

Work on the culvert has recently been completed and we wish to share with you this exciting construction development within Stage 4 alongside some drone footage and images of the process.


Read on for a breakdown of the construction process.

The culvert construction begins with the installation of a 300mm thick concrete base slab that covers an area of 370m2 – that is an area larger than some house lots located within the Botania community! This concrete slab requires a whopping amount of concrete, a total of 111,000 litres that requires a new concrete truck arriving to supply the concrete every 15 minutes. It is a seriously coordinated exercise!

Once the slab has been poured, like all concrete, it must cure and harden for at least 7 days.

 Over 70  specially designed large concrete blocks weighing over 200kg each  were delivered in a coordinated effort, with multiple truck loads.

The culvert was formed by carefully positioning each concrete block in its designated position on top of the base slab with the use of a crane and connected together to form a channel for the water to flow through.

Following the culvert completion, the gas and water services are laid alongside the road network and the whole area is filled in and compacted in preparation for the road layers.

Each stretch of road is made up of multiple layers, compiling of multiple layers of various gravel, kerbs are added at the correct road height and then finally asphalt, which can be seen on the finished surface. Lastly, the road on top of the culvert is connected to the previously completed Boulevard completed in Stage 3.

Stay tuned for future construction updates coming soon!

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