Nurturing Your Nature strip!

Your nature strip often referred to as the “verge”, is the roadside stretch between your property and the curb along the road. This public space hosts an array of utilities, including telecommunications, gas, water, and power services, as well as street lighting. Typically adorned with grass and a tree, it serves several vital functions:

  1. Providing a level area for waste and recycling bins.
  2. Ensuring safe access for pedestrians, strollers, and wheelchairs between the road and footpath.
  3. Enhancing visibility for motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians, particularly at intersections, curves, and driveways.
  4. Facilitating easy access for service providers to conduct maintenance or repairs.
  5. Creating space for tree planting, enriching the neighborhood’s greenery.

Although the nature strips throughout the Botania community are owned by the Melton City Council, the duty of maintaining and caring for them falls upon the landowners whose properties run parallel to each section of the nature strip.

Essential maintenance and routine upkeep of your nature strip plays a pivotal role in elevating the overall ambiance of our community. Maintenance involves straightforward tasks such as regular mowing, weeding, and picking up litter. By keeping this space clean and tidy, you contribute to creating a welcoming environment within our community for all.

Advantages of a well-kept nature strip beyond its visual appeal include the following benefits:

  1. Facilitates rainwater absorption, reducing stormwater runoff.
  2. Enhances the aesthetics of the neighborhood.
  3. Mitigates the impact of hard surfaces like roads and pavements.
  4. Elevates the value and overall well-being of your property.

Street Trees are another common feature of most nature strips. Street trees add to the natural beauty of our community and offer practical benefits, including providing shade, contributing to CO2 absorption in the environment, and cooling down the neighborhood.

You can contribute to the care of your street tree by:

  • Regularly watering it, especially during dry spells.
  • Keeping the base free of weeds and mulching around it, while being mindful to avoid direct contact with the tree trunks.

Remember, the street tree is the property of Melton City Council and cannot be removed without prior approval. You are responsible for its care and may be held accountable for any damage within your boundary.

While most nature strips consist of grass and a street tree, you have some creative freedom to beautify your patch. Transforming your nature strip into an enchanting corner can be a fulfilling project. Consider options such as gravel, mulch, and approved plants to add a unique touch.
Although, care must be taken to ensure that your design maintains the essential functionalities mentioned above.

Landscape Permit Application
If you decide to enhance your nature strip with additional landscaping, securing a permit is essential. You can complete an application form by clicking the link here.

For more information, you can speak with Customer Service at Melton City Council on  9747 7200.

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