Stage 3 Park Coming Soon!

Construction of the Stage 3 Park on the Corner of Padma Boulevard & Friendship Place is almost complete!

The Stage 3 Park will be the first of two local neighbourhood parks in Botania to open. Both parks are expansive in size and measure just under two hectares combined – that’s the size of two soccer fields!
The Stage 3 Park is further visually enhanced by its location to the creek reserve that connects to the south of the park and gives Botania residents even more natural open space to explore and enjoy.

The park has been designed to incorporate natural elements including large feature stones that will complement the natural surrounds of the Botania community and neighbourhood.
The park features an array of playground equipment to cater for all ages and abilities meaning even the youngest members of the community will want to spend endless hours in Botania’s newest attraction.
The feature element of the park is the custom built tower with two spiral slides. Built on a rise, this aspect will give the littlest members of Botania the best views across the community!
The park also includes a picnic shelter, seating nodes, and a huge, grassed kick-about area where you can set up a cricket game, or just relax in and enjoy.
Foot paths also wind throughout the park (making access with a pram easy!) and connects to the rest of the shared path network in the community.

The Stage 3 Park will be a welcome addition to the community, particularly for the first three stages of families who have already moved in.
The Park is currently undergoing its inspection process with Council and the relevant authorities and will remain closed until this process is completed.

We anticipate this process to be completed in the coming weeks.
Stay tuned for future updates!