Botania’s $12,500 Energy Rebate Promotion

Seize the opportunity to secure your spot in the Botania community today and enjoy our $12,500 bonus!

What is the Botania Energy Promotion?
The Botania Energy Promotion has been introduced to alleviate the financial strain on new buyers during the ongoing cost of living challenges. At Growland, we recognize that owning your first home or finding a new residence for your expanding family is an integral part of the cherished Australian dream. Our aim is to assist you in realizing this dream by tackling the escalating energy expenses that all Australians currently face.

The Energy Promotion offers new buyers two avenues to reduce their escalating energy costs.

We are offering a $12,500 Rebate to help you out!

You can choose between the following options:

  1. One year of Complimentary Energy on US
    Growland will reimburse you up to a value of $12,500 AUD for all gas and electricity services you’ve used over a one-year period to power your home.
  2. Ongoing Savings with Solar
    Growland will give you $12,500 AUD towards the installation of solar panels or a solar battery for your new home. This enables you to consistently save on your energy bills month after month and year after year.

How do I participate?

  1. Contact a member of our team to get started today!
  2. Sign a qualifying land contract of sale during the promotion period.

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Terms & Conditions
This offer exclusively applies to new buyers who purchase one of the remaining lots at Botania within the promotion period and meet all other qualifying criteria. For the complete set of terms and conditions, download here.
Download the Promotion Flyer here.
Download the Guidelines Flyer here.